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Why sterilize palm fruit bunches

Why sterilize palm fruit bunches? Sterilization or retorting refers to the high temperature and humidity heat treatment of the loose fruit. Hot water is usually used for cooking; pressurized steam is used for sterilization. Cooking actions have a variety of uses.

Heat treatment destroys oil-decomposing enzymes and prevents hydrolysis and auto-oxidation.

For larger units where whole bunches are cooked, moist heat can weaken the stems and easily remove the fruit from the bunches when shaken or tumbled in the thresher.

Heat helps to coagulate the microscopically dispersed proteins of oil-containing cells. Protein coagulation (coagulation) allows oil-containing cells to clump together and flow more easily when pressure is applied.

Fruit cooking weakens the pulp structure, softening it and making it easier to separate the fibrous material and its contents during digestion. The heat is enough to partially destroy the oil-bearing cells in the mesocarp and allow the oil to be released more easily.

Why sterilize palm fruit bunches — BTMA

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