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Pourquoi choisir une presse à huile de palme à vis

Why choose a screw palm oil press? Early centrifuges and hydraulic presses have now given way to specially designed screw presses similar to those used for other oilseeds. They consist of a cylindrical perforated cage through which a tight-fitting screw passes.

The digested palm fruit is continuously transported through the cage to an outlet restricted by a cone, which creates pressure to expel the oil through the perforations (drilling holes) of the cage. Why choose a screw palm oil press?

If a hydraulic or centrifugal extraction system is used, unbroken oleaginous cells will remain unopened in the digester. The screw oil press, due to the turbulent flow and kneading effect on the pulp in the pressing cage, can effectively open the unopened oil cells and release more oil. These presses act as additional digesters and are very efficient at extracting oil.

Moderate metal wear occurs during pressing operations, resulting in iron contamination. Attrition rate depends on press type, pressing method, nut to fiber ratio, etc. High pressing pressures have been reported to adversely affect the bleaching power and oxidative protection of the extracted oil.

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