Where can I buy palm oil production equipment?

Pourquoi choisir une presse à huile de palme à vis

Referring to palm oil pressing equipment, the process can be said to be mature, and there are more manufacturers selling palm oil production equipment. However, large-scale palm oil production equipment is not affordable by small-scale investors due to its high cost, large investment and long cycle. Therefore, more and more investors tend to prefer small-scale palm oil production equipment, and small-scale palm oil pressing equipment production line also has high requirements on process and production technology. If the technology and process of the manufacturer are not mature enough to meet the relevant standards, Will cause the end of the palm oil is not good, and the oil rate is relatively low.

Small palm oil production equipment, colloquially, is 1-5tph palm oil production equipment. Because of its reasonable structure, simple equipment and relatively low investment cost, it has gradually become the ideal choice for most investors. Compared to traditional Nigerian palm oil production facilities, small palm oil production facilities can free up productivity and improve productivity.

The following is a brief introduction to the small palm oil production equipment produced by BTMA:

1. Small palm oil production equipment is composed of killing yeast equipment, fruiting machine, mashing & pressing equipment, palm oil press, oil clarification equipment, crude oil drying equipment and filling equipment. It is a semi-automatic production line, which can greatly free the labor force.

2. Small palm oil production equipment is easy to install and maintain, and easy for workers to use.

3, the important parts of the small palm oil press are made of cast steel, the equipment is not easy to wear and damage.

4. Small palm oil production equipment has scientific design, reasonable structure, high oil yield and good oil quality, and has been successfully installed in many countries and regions, with good feedback from users.

There are many manufacturers that sell palm oil production equipment, but few companies that can design and manufacture new palm oil production equipment themselves. BTMA recommends: When purchasing palm oil production equipment, choose the manufacturer; BTMA has its own factory and can provide you with palm oil production equipment at the factory price. The palm oil production equipment of BTMA was designed by engineers and improved according to the needs of users after many experiments. Now it is a mature palm oil production equipment with high oil yield.

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