What to do with palm fibers and husks

Palm Fruit Bunches

What to do with palm fibers and husks

Large palm factories use recycled fiber and husks to burn steam boilers. The superheated steam is then used to drive turbines to generate electricity for the plant. For this reason, it makes economic sense to recycle fiber and dehulled palm fruit.

In a large-scale kernel recovery process, the kernels in the press cake are separated from the fibers in the peel. They are then dried and broken up in a centrifuge biscuit to release the kernels, usually using a combination of winnowing and hydrocyclones to separate the kernels from the husks. The grains are then dried in silos to a moisture content of approximately 7% prior to packaging.

What to do with palm fibers and husks? During the nut cracking process, some of the kernels are broken. The rate of increase in FFA is much faster in the nibs than in the whole kernels. Therefore, core breakage should be kept as low as possible, taking into account other processing considerations.

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