What process does crude palm oil turn into refined oil?

crude palm oil

What process does crude palm oil turn into refined oil?

The conversion of crude palm oil into refined oil products includes removal of hydrolysis and oxidation products, decolorization and deodorization.

After refining, the oil may be separated (fractionated) into liquid and solid by deformation field methods (controlled cooling, crystallization, filtration). The liquid fraction (olein) is widely used as an edible oil in tropical climates, successfully with More expensive peanut oil, corn oil and sunflower oil compete.

In addition to the development and installation of these large scale fully mechanized oil palm processing equipment, small scale villages and artisanal pressing have been going on in Africa. The enterprise-wide production capacity ranges from 8 tons per day to several hundred kilograms per day of fresh fruit bunches, supplying crude palm oil to the domestic market.

Efforts to mechanize and improve traditional manual procedures have been undertaken by research institutions, development agencies, the private sector, and engineering firms, but these activities are fragmented and uncoordinated. They have generally focused on removing a single inefficient task of the mashing stage, thereby increasing the efficiency of oil extraction. Small machinery, electric breakers (mainly downscaled, proportional), have been developed in most of the African countries where oil palm is grown.

Palm oil processing equipment of different scales operate various sections through these units. They operate at different levels of mechanization and interconnect material transfer mechanisms at each stage, enabling the systems to be batch or continuous. The scale of the operation is achieved through the use of mechanized methods for different work sections and product quality control.

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