What is the working principle of palm fruit oil production line?

palm oil mill

Palm fruit is mainly produced in Malaysia and Indonesia, but in today’s internationalization, the palm oil processed by the application of palm fruit is used all over the world. Palm oil is pressed from the palm fruit on the oil palm tree, and the pulp is Palm oil and palm kernel oil are produced separately from palm kernels. The traditional concept of palm oil only includes the former. Palm fruit bunches can be processed by palm oil production line to obtain different standards of edible palm oil.

Introduction to the working principle of palm fruit oil production line;

(1) The pretreatment equipment sterilizes the oil.

(2) The sterilized palm fruit bunches are separated by a peeling machine, and the pulp rich in fat is obtained. After crushing, crushing and pressing, crude palm oil, cake and fiber are obtained, and palm oil can be obtained after separation of cake and fiber. Benevolence.

(3) Process palm kernels to obtain crude palm kernel oil.

(4) Crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil are diluted with water, then settled, filtered to obtain relatively pure crude palm oil, and then the treated oil is sent to the crude oil tank for storage.

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