What is the whole process of palm fruit pretreatment

Pourquoi choisir une presse à huile de palme à vis

The whole process of palm fruit pretreatment:

(1) The palm fruit bunches are sent to the virgin mill within 24 hours after picking (to prevent FFA from rising).

(2) Cooking: Sterilize and sterilize at 150°C for 2 hours and boil the stems of palm fruit bunches.

(3) Threshing: The palm fruit thresher can quickly separate palm fruit and palm fruit bunches, the empty fruit bunches are burned as fertilizer, and the palm fruit is sent to the silo

(4) Pressing: the use of double-screw oil press, the pressed cake is extruded from the machine head, containing the core (not broken, including palm kernel oil), the liquid part flows out from the lower port, and is sent to the butterfly centrifugal separation after filtration machine to obtain crude palm oil.

(5) Squeeze the palm kernel oil, and the pressed cake obtained in step (4) is sent to the mesh separation port. a) Crushed and squeezed fruit pulp fibers are processed to produce fiberboard and paper; b) Palm kernels are sent to the crusher to separate palm kernels and palm kernel shells, and palm kernel shells can be used as fuel; c) Palm kernels without shells Crude palm kernel oil is obtained through press, filter and butterfly separator.

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