What is the process of palm oil production and processing?

Palm Oil Processing Factory

The palm oil production process is the entire process of producing palm oil. The extraction of palm oil begins with a mechanical process from fresh palm fruit bunches (fresh fruit bunches), which are generally grown in tropical regions of Asia and Africa.

While palm oil producers rely on different techniques to extract this oil, the basic steps of palm oil production are the same. Manufacturers must provide sufficient oil palms and carefully cultivate them until they reach maturity. Once the palm fruit is harvested, it is pressed into oil.

The last step in palm oil production involves purifying the oil to fulfill the needs of different users.

Summary of the production process
1. Fruit bunch pretreatment
2. Fruit removal (remove the palm fruit on the fruit bunch)
3. Sterilization of fruit bunches
4. Palm fruit mashed
5. Palm fruit pressing
6. Clarification and Fractionation of Palm Oil
7. Palm oil storage
8. Palm Kernel Recycling

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