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Palm oil

Palm oil is extracted from fresh palm fruit bunches by mechanical processing. Today’s palm oil extraction is mainly based on automatic machinery.

Palm oil has many uses:

The first use is palm oil catering. Palm oil is the second largest edible oil ranking after soybean salad oil. First, it’s for home cooking. Palm oil has certain nutritional value, and it can be fried repeatedly without changing its color and odor.

Palm oil can replace soybean oil, peanut oil, lard, etc. to reduce the cost of oil, it is very economical and practical. Likewise, it is possible to use frying oil, palm oil contains high content of natural antioxidants and is directly suitable for all fried foods.

And, it can also be used in pastry cream. Because palm oil has good oxidation stability, it is widely used to make cakes, and palm oil is also used in margarine. Palm oil has other uses as well. Such as special oils, cocoa butter.

The pharmaceutical industry also uses palm oil extensively. The roots of palm trees can be used for medicine, as medicinal materials, to balance the body, lower blood pressure, and as pesticides.

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