What equipment do palm oil production lines need?

palm oil mill

Palm oil is a tropical woody vegetable oil. It is the vegetable oil variety with the largest production, consumption and international trade volume in the world. It is also called “the world’s three major vegetable oils” together with soybean oil and rapeseed oil. It has more than 5,000 years of experience. food history. So how is palm oil produced? What equipment is needed for palm oil production?

The production process of palm fruit oil is mainly divided into three parts: pressing, refining and fractionation. Pressing is the process of extracting palm oil from palm fruit. Refining and fractionation is the deep processing of palm oil, after deep processing, high-quality palm oil and other palm by-products can be obtained. Palm oil manufacturers can choose the corresponding palm oil production line equipment according to their own needs.

1. Palm Fruit Receiving Station:

Used for temporary storage and unloading of fresh palm fruit bunches from palm plantations.

2. Sterilization tank:

palm oil sterilization tank adopts high temperature of 145 ℃ to soften and sterilize fruit bunches. The boiling sterilization tank directly heats hot water to generate steam heating, and the sterilization time is 90-120 minutes. The cooking and sterilization tank is heated by steam, and the fermentation time is 60-90 minutes. The other is a vertical steam sterilizer, which is heated by a peripheral heating coil, and the sterilization time is 60-90 minutes.

3. Fruit thresher:

The fruit thresher is mainly used to separate palm fruit from palm fruit bunches during palm oil processing. After threshing, palm fruit and empty palm fruit bunches will be effectively separated.

4. Digester:

The digester is used to crush palm pulp and break up pulp cells in palm oil processing to achieve a better palm oil extraction effect. There are horizontal and vertical digesters. Customers can choose one of the two according to their factory design and area or other actual needs.

5. Press machine:

The main function of the screw palm oil press machine is to extract palm oil from palm fruit. According to the different palm oil processing capacity, there are two types of palm oil press machines for people to choose, one is the palm oil press machine and the other is the palm oil press machine with double helix.

6. Oil clarification station:

The filtration stage is generally equipped with vibrating screens, crude oil clarification tanks and plate filters to filter different impurities in crude oil and provide clean crude oil. Excess moisture is then evaporated using a vacuum drying system for easy storage. Finally, the clean crude oil is introduced into the crude oil tank for temporary storage.

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