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What Causes Low Palm Oil?

As we all know, palm fruit plantations are mainly distributed in South Asia, Africa, South America and other countries. In the early stage of palm fruit cultivation, the oil content of palm fruit is very low. When the palm fruit is close to maturity, the oil content of palm fruit increases rapidly to 50% of the weight of the peel. Fresh palm fruit bunches, undamaged palm oil with a free fatty acid content of less than 0.3%.

However, mature palm fruit is easily softened and more susceptible to lipase breakdown, especially when the fruit is free from the bunch. Decomposition by lipase can easily increase free fatty acids.

Studies have shown that if the palm fruit rots, the free fatty acids in the rotted part will rapidly increase to 60% within an hour. The composition and quality of the bunches therefore varies depending on how many rotten bunches there are.

One of the main solutions to the fruit damage caused by palm fruit bunches during harvesting, transportation, and handling is to deal with the fruit bunches as soon as possible after harvesting within 48 hours. However, we recommend that it is better to shorten the time the fruit is stored before processing.

Some palm customers simply know that the increase in free fatty acids changes the flavor of the oil. But, to make matters worse, the high levels of free fatty acids have a nice laxative effect.

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