What are the standards for palm plantations?

Palm Fruit Bunches

Palm oil plantation is very important to the whole palm oil processing project, especially the standard of palm oil plantation. Indonesia has standard palm oil plantations. Below is a brief overview of palm oil and palm plantation standards.

Oil palm is a plant of the family Palmaceae; its main producing areas are distributed near the equator at 5-10° south latitude and 5-10° north latitude in tropical areas, and it is an important tropical oil plant. The oil yield of oil palm is very high: common fresh fruit oil content: 46-50%, palm kernel: 50-55%. Oil palms begin to outgrow palm fruit about two and a half years after they are transplanted. First of all, the output is very low, 8-15 years is the time of full bloom and the output reaches the main; it grows more than 20 years and it gradually ages; its growth cycle is 25-30 years.

The standard palm oil plantation usually requires as follows: about 140 palm trees should be planted per hectare of land, and the annual output is about 20 tons of fresh fruit bunches; after being processed, about 20% is crude palm oil and 20% is kernels.

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