What are the processing steps from crude palm oil to essential oil?

Palm oil

What are the appropriate processing steps from crude palm oil to a complete edible oil for international export?

Crude palm oil in Malaysia is usually refined by physical methods, decolorized, degummed, and deodorized to obtain refined palm oil. A small part is chemically neutralized (with sodium hydroxide solution), then the bleach gum odor gets neutralized by bleaching, deodorizing palm oil,

The by-products of the physical process are high free fatty acids (FFA) called palm fatty acid (PFAD), and the by-products of chemical reactions are called palmitic acid oil (PAO), some of which are lower in acidity than palm oil fatty acids.

Soft plastic medium fatty melting point (melting point) of palm oil (33-39°C). In order to expand its scope of use, a large amount of palm oil is fractionated by physical methods. The liquid or semi-liquid fraction (melting point 24°C max) is called olein and the difficulty fraction (melting point 44°C min) is called glycerol stearate. ester.

More and more standard olein is again subjected to separation olein, which remains liquid at low temperatures (melting point 19°C max). This process also yields palm mid fraction, which is used primarily in all Western-made cocoa butter.

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