What are the commonly used adsorbents in the palm oil decolorization process?

Palm oil refining

Working principle of palm oil decolorization section:

Use substances with strong selective adsorption to adsorb pigments and other impurities in oil under certain conditions.

Adsorbents commonly used in palm oil decolorization section:

①Activated clay: It is a highly active adsorbent processed from bentonite as raw material. Activated clay processing: mining, coarse crushing, acid activation, washing, drying, grinding, sieving, etc. Good decolorization effect, commonly used.

② Activated carbon: It is made of wood chips, bagasse, chaff, hard nut shells, etc. after carbonization, and then chemically or physically activated. With a high decolorization coefficient, it can effectively remove regenerated pigments, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and residual pesticides without affecting the flavor of oil. But the price is expensive and the oil absorption rate is high. Mix with clay if necessary.

③ Diatomaceous earth: It is mostly used as a filter aid.

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