What are the characteristics of the new palm oil processing technology?

Palm oil

1. Non-steam sterilization, less consumption and energy saving.

2. No pollution, the new technology adopts dry sterilization, which greatly reduces the generation of sewage, does not require sewage treatment machines, and has low cost.

3. Make full use of biomass fuels, such as empty fruit bunches, palm kernel shells, etc., and convert them into hot air and steam after burning to supply the entire workshop equipment.

4. The cake contains less water and can be directly used to process animal feed.

5. Crude palm oil after pressing is more fragrant and pure in color.

6. Compared with the traditional palm processing technology, the new technology equipment occupies a small area and is specially dedicated to the sterilization and sewage treatment sections.

7. The system can generate electricity by itself, which solves the problem of power shortage in many countries.

8. The new process is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized palm oil factories, and the output is generally 1-5T/H, 5-10T/H.

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