The difference between different names of palm oil?

crude palm oil

There are many sayings about palm oil in the market, such as: palm oil, red palm oil, white palm oil, soft palm oil, hard palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm kernel oil, etc. Many non-personnel are confused about the difference and characteristics , the following is a more comprehensive introduction.

Palm fruit consists of palm meat, palm shell and palm kernel.

Palm oil:

Everyone is familiar with this oil, also known as palm fruit oil. It is the oil that is squeezed or extracted from the pulp of the palm fruit. The main source is the African oil palm, which is native to tropical Africa and is also produced in Central America, Malaysia and Indonesia. Its main origin is Malaysia, which accounts for 60% of the world’s palm oil production. Rich in palmitic acid (about 43%) and oleic acid (40%).

Palm Kernel Oil:

It is an oil extracted and pressed from the “pit” part of the palm fruit. Usually the color is white or milky white. Its lauric and cinnamic acid content is similar to coconut oil.

Red Palm Oil:

Also extracted and pressed from the “pulp” part of the palm fruit, it is an unrefined oil that has not been treated to decolorize and remove free fat. The color is brown-red or orange-red, and the carotene content is 0.05%-0.2%, which is why it will be brown-red or orange-red. Red palm oil is unbleached refined palm oil.

White Palm Oil:

Generally refers to palm kernel oil.

Traditionally, palm oil refers only to crude oil (Crude Palm Oil, CPO) and refined oil (Refined Palm Oil, RPO) extracted from palm pulp, excluding palm kernel oil.

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