Standards for the treatment of wastewater from palm oil mills

palm oil mill

Palm oil has become a major, global agricultural commodity, primarily for food and non-food applications, and has recently been touted as a promising feedstock for biofuel production.

In response to emerging wastewater treatment challenges and growing demand for water, palm oil mills rely on technology to better manage water resources and conserve water.

Palm oil mill wastewater is generated mainly from the extraction, grinding and cleaning processes of palm oil. Wastewater cannot be pretreated in advance due to its acidic nature and contains high biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). To meet the environmental and economic challenges of palm oil mills, BTMA offers complete wastewater treatment solutions based on anaerobic technology:

1. Technical solutions to realize the requirements of the clean development mechanism

2. Economic benefits

3. Comply with international environmental protection standards

4. Environmentally friendly: zero waste disposal, no air pollution

5. Production of renewable energy

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