Small palm oil press hot sale–BTMA

presse à huile de palme

The small palm oil press is different from other seed oil presses. For some palm fruit users who require small output, it is more suitable for small palm oil presses. In order to meet the requirements of the vast market, the BTMA R&D department designed and produced a single-screw palm oil press. After many tests, it can achieve a good pressing effect.

500kg/h mini single screw palm oil press is suitable for farmers or small palm oil press mills. It not only has low cost, small footprint, convenient operation, but also high efficiency.

500kg/h single screw palm oil press parameters:
Capacity (T/h): 0.5tph
Dimensions (mm): 1500* 650* 720mm
Motor power (KW): 3kw
Maximum speed (r/min): 25-35R/min
Weight (kg): 220

In addition, we can also provide small palm oil processing lines. If you want to know more details, please add WhatsApp: +8618238543716. Or visit our website: https://palmoilline.com/



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