Small palm oil machine — BTMA MACHINE

Petite machine à huile de palme

Small palm oil machine

Traditionally, women farmers pound palm nuts in large wooden bowls. In some areas even small children help. The production of palm oil is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and output-less industry. The small palm machine is convenient for palm oil extraction and has been welcomed by these farmers.

This machine crushes the palm fruit and squeezes the oil from the shell. Each village chooses a machine operator to train them on how to use the extractor properly.

Palm oil processing today not only requires a small amount of labour, but also produces enough palm oil to set up different income-generating activities. In Ghana, palm is an important ingredient in several locally popular dishes.

Plus, farmers make soap from the oil. Because of the large amount of palm oil produced at home, buyers are approached by farmers. Before it, farmers had to invest time and money into the process of identifying potential traders.

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