Semi-continuous system palm oil production method

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Semi-continuous system palm oil production method

One operation flows directly into another, continuous system work sequence is related to the scheduling and timing of machine operations. Careful design of unit operations is required to minimize discontinuities from one phase to another.

Otherwise, some machines have to stop periodically for other stations to catch up. When the flow of material between processing stations is discontinuous, the operation is called semi-continuous operation. Dry extraction systems with separate digestion and pressing stations are usually semi-continuous.

Furthermore, when the digestion station and pressing station are combined into one integrated unit and the cooked fruit is fed discontinuously to the digester inlet, the operation is called “semi-continuous”.

Once operations are integrated for full continuity, the capital investment capacity of small-scale operators is overwhelmed, as working capital for both machinery and raw materials increases significantly with increasing levels of mechanization.

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