palm oil refining

Palm oil refining

The refining treatment of palm oil can be divided into physical refining and chemical refining. The main difference between the two processes is the separation method of free fatty acids. The deacidification process of physical refining is carried out simultaneously with the deodorization process. The deacidification process of chemical refining is usually It is placed after hydration degumming. The physical refining deacidification method is to use free fatty acids and odor molecules, which are highly volatile under high temperature and high pressure conditions, to separate these impurities by passing steam into the crude oil.

There are strict standards for the content of phospholipids and pigments in oils in the physical refining deacidification process. During the degumming and decolorization steps, these impurities should be separated as much as possible to avoid the reaction of peptized impurities and pigments under high temperature conditions, which will affect the quality of the finished oil. Chemical refining deacidification is to add an appropriate amount of lye to crude oil, use acid-base neutralization reaction to separate free fatty acids, and at the same time reduce the content of phospholipids in oil. Relatively speaking, the chemical refining process is more convenient to operate, but the waste water generated needs to be treated to avoid impact on the environment.

Which refining process an oil factory chooses still has to be decided according to the actual situation. In this process, the oil factory invests in the construction of a palm oil factory without the application of machinery and equipment. It is recommended that the oil factory cooperate with the experienced BTMA machinery and equipment factory that has served thousands of oil factories. The manufacturer has mature technical skills, serious and responsible staff, and can provide customers with reasonable machinery and equipment according to their actual conditions. The factory provides practical solutions to assist the production of the oil factory.

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