Palm Oil Processing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Palm Oil Processing Factory

Palm oil is by far the most produced, consumed and internationally traded vegetable oil in the world, and is also a raw material for the manufacture of several other products, such as margarine, cosmetics, soaps and lubricants.

Palm oil can be processed manually or with the help of machines. If commercial processing of palm oil is planned, it is imperative to invest in suitable machinery. This means you need to find out the price of the machine you need, below are the palm oil processing machine prices in Nigeria.

Small Palm Oil Single Screw Press

Petite machine à huile de palme

The output is 300-500kg/h, and the price is 1200-1500USD.

Large Palm Oil Twin Screw Press

Pourquoi choisir une presse à huile de palme à vis

The output is 1T/H, and the price is 4300-4500USD.
The output is 2T/H, and the price is 9800-10000USD.
The output is 2-5T/H, and the price is 11500-12500USD.
The output is 5-8T/H, and the price is 13500-15500USD.

Complete Palm Oil Production Line

The small production line is 500KG/H-5T/H. As a complete semi-automatic oil extraction production line, the price in Nigeria is 20,000-100,000 USD.

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