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Palm Oil Mill Wastewater Treatment Technology:

1. Land application is one of the methods of dealing with deforestation, soil clogging and damage to vegetation. This problem can be overcome with a small amount of controllability application.

2. It is a cheap way to discharge palm oil factory wastewater into the river. But environmental problems follow, such as water consumption and water pollution.

3. Physiotherapy of palm oil mill wastewater includes steps such as screening using biological treatment systems, sedimentation and secondary treatment before deoiling. Acidification and flocculation are well-established pretreatment processes.

4. Biological treatment: chemically used for flocculation such as alum, polyaluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate, chitosan, etc. are used to help centrifugation and coagulation.

5. Sink systems are simple operating systems, but they also have some disadvantages such as occupying a large amount of land, relatively long hydraulic retention time of 50-60 days for effective performance, bad odor and difficulty in maintaining liquor distribution and biogas collection Harmful effects on the environment.

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