What are the nutrients and palm oil advantages do you know?

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Palm oil is a tropical woody vegetable oil. Palm fruit oil is pressed from the fruit of the oil palm tree, the pulp and kernel yielding palm oil and palm kernel oil respectively. Palm oil is becoming more and more popular in the market, more and more people accept palm oil and choose palm oil. Palm oil is rich in various nutrients, and there are many advantages of palm oil. Next, Benteng Machinery will introduce you one by one.

The palm oil nutrient content.

Palm oil contains balanced saturated and unsaturated fatty acid esters. 50% saturated fatty acid, 40% monounsaturated fatty acid; 10% polyunsaturated fatty acid. The human body’s digestion and absorption rate of palm oil exceeds 97%. Like all other vegetable edible oils, palm oil itself does not contain cholesterol.

As a highly saturated oil, palm oil has been speculated that it may increase the cholesterol content in human serum. However, after further experimental demonstration by many experts, it was found that eating palm oil not only does not increase serum cholesterol, but has a tendency to lower cholesterol. The reason is that a large number of research data show that different saturated fatty acids have different effects on blood lipids. Palm oil is rich in neutral fatty acids, and the content of substances that promote cholesterol is very small (1%) in palm oil.

The palm oil advantages.

1. Antioxidant. Palm oil contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, all of which have strong antioxidant properties. Therefore, using this oil as edible oil can help remove free radicals in the body and delay aging.
2. Reduce fat and lose weight. Palmitic acid is a kind of half-saturated fatty acid oil. As edible oil, it can reduce the intake of saturated fatty acid. Especially for families that use animal oil as edible oil, switching to palm oil can obviously play a role in reducing fat and losing weight.
3. Suppresses and fights cancer. Palmitic acid contains more antioxidant substances, such as vitamin A, carotene, unsaturated fatty acids, etc., which can help the body remove free radicals in the body, reduce their damage to the body, and prevent cancer and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. effect.
4. Lower cholesterol. Palm oil contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which can enter the blood after eating, combine with cholesterol in the blood, promote the metabolism and excretion of cholesterol, and can reduce cholesterol. It is suitable for people with high cholesterol.

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