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General Handling of Palm Oil Processing

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Palm fruit oil extraction process

Fresh palm fruit (FFB)→fermentation→fruit removal→conditioning (mashing)→pressing→crude oil purification→crude palm oil (CPO)

Fiber and kernel → reprocessing → palm kernel oil

1. Put the fresh palm fruit bunch (FFB) into the sterilization tank, and heat it for high temperature and short-term sterilization. The steam flows through the fruit room to heat all the fruits, reduce the activity of bacteria and enzymes, avoid the increase of free fatty acids (FFA), and improve the quality of crude oil.

2. Transport the sterilized brown fruit bundles (FFB) into the drum separator, and the separator rotates to separate the empty fruit room from the fresh brown fruit, and the separated empty fruit room is sent to be crushed for crushing The fertilizer is returned to the orchard.

3. The palm fruit is tempered and crushed by special equipment, and then sent to a twin-screw press to make oil, and then the liquid part containing mud, water, and oil is sent to a purifier to separate crude palm oil.

4. The solid part from the oil press is sent to the pneumatic vertical separation column by the conveyor belt, and the fiber and the fruit core are separated by the wind force.

5. The fiber is transported to the boiler for use as fuel.

6. The polished core is transported to the container for storing the core, and then the kernel is separated after crushing.

The processed crude palm oil mainly contains: solid sediment, water and oil. Among them, the solid part is separated by a vibrating rotary sieve, and the crude palm oil is decomposed by a static method. The heated crude palm oil is sent to a vacuum dryer to remove moisture through an oil pump, and then sent to a crude oil tank for storage after drying. After the sediment is treated, it is discharged into the sewage treatment channel, and the solid matter is used to fertilize the field. The fuel used in steam boilers is the fibers and husks separated from the palm oil manufacturing process.

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