Palm Crude Oil Degumming Process

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Palm Crude Oil Degumming Process

Degumming, as the first refining process, aims to remove gelatinous impurities in crude palm oil, so as to prevent the impurities from damaging the stability of palm oil and affecting the process effect of deep processing of crude palm oil.

Because the content of peptized impurities will not only form different degrees of emulsification in the deacidification process of crude palm oil, increase the loss of auxiliary materials in the refining process, reduce the quality of soapstock, but also increase the amount of adsorbent (clay clay) in the decolorization process. ) loss, reduce the decolorization effect, etc.

Therefore, degumming is usually used as the first deep processing section of palm oil refining. In addition, the commonly used degumming method is to use the hydrophilicity of free fatty acids in the alkali refining tank. The impurities will coagulate after absorbing water, and the colloids can be separated after settling.

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