Maintenance and maintenance of palm oil processing equipment

palm oil mill

Most of the equipment requires maintenance to prolong its service life. Therefore, for users who purchase our palm oil processing equipment, after installation and commissioning, our relevant personnel will explain the maintenance to users. The following BTMA will share the knowledge points on the maintenance of palm processing equipment, hoping to help more people.

1. Palm oil processing equipment needs to be shut down after working for a period of time, even the machine needs to rest.

2. At regular intervals, especially for outdoor operations, the product should be lubricated and rust-proofed.

3. Regularly clean up the equipment dust and impurities.

4. Regularly check the wear of common parts such as the screw squeezer and the cake outlet ring, and replace them in time if the wear is serious.

5. After a day’s work, the residue and grease in the equipment should be wiped clean.

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