Main equipment and functions in palm oil refining process

palm oil processing equipment

Palm oil refining equipment is a necessary equipment for crude oil refining. What equipment is it composed of? The following BTMA briefly introduces the composition and function of palm oil refining equipment:

Refining pot: used for acid refining, alkali refining and water washing;

Decolorization pot: used for bleaching palm oil and depigmentation;

Deodorizing pot: used to remove the smell of palm oil; (made of stainless steel)

Heat conduction oil furnace: provide the heat energy required for production, and the temperature can reach 280°C;

Vacuum pump: the vacuum provided by decolorization and deodorization can reach more than 755mmHg;

Air compressor: dry bleaching clay;

Filter press: filter clay;

Steam generator: to produce steam required for deodorization distillation.

The above equipment constitutes the production line of palm oil refining equipment. The above content is just a brief introduction to palm oil refining equipment, for your reference only.

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