Ideal Raw Material for Biomass Fuel-Empty Palm Fruit Bunches

Palm Fruit Bunches

Biomass combustion is a new type of clean fuel that uses wood chips, straw, palm empty fruit bunches and other agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials. Material fuel is a kind of green coal and a new type of clean energy.

Ideal raw material for biomass fuel—palm fruit bunch
1. Origin: Malaysia has more than 4 million hectares of palm trees
2. Output of palm fruit bunches: the annual remaining empty fruit bunches after palm fruit crushing exceeds 15 million tons

Ideal raw material for biomass fuel — the advantages of palm fruit bunches
1. Advantages of raw materials: relatively concentrated, all concentrated in the crushing plant, no need for scattered purchases
2. Quantity of raw materials: The quantity of raw materials is large, and a large number of empty palm fruit bunches are produced every day, so there is no shortage of raw materials
3. Raw material quality: empty palm fruit bunches, rich in a large amount of crude fiber, can be pressed into biofuel after drying and crushing
4. Fuel use: the demand for biofuel is extensive and the demand is increasing day by day

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