How to remove metal impurities in crude palm oil?

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The leaching equipment is the main equipment in the leaching workshop. Before using the leaching equipment to extract the oil, it is necessary to remove the impurities in the crude palm oil. So what are the methods for removing the impurities in the crude palm oil? BTMA has summarized the following methods:

1. Centrifugation

The method of filtering and separating or separating oil residue by centrifugal force is called centrifugal separation method. The centrifugal separation effect is good, the production is continuous, the processing capacity is large, and the filter residue contains less oil, but the equipment cost is relatively high.

2. Sedimentation method

The method that uses the density difference between oil and impurities and separates them naturally by gravity is called sedimentation method. The equipment used is simple, and any container that can store oil can be used. However, this method has long settling time and low efficiency, and is rarely used in production practice.

3. Filtration method

All methods of using filter cloth to filter under certain temperature conditions with the help of gravity, pressure, vacuum or centrifugal force are collectively referred to as filtration methods. The oil can pass through the filter cloth and the impurities remain on the surface of the filter cloth to achieve the purpose of separation.

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