How to manage palm oil plantations?

Fonctions de l'huile de palme

Palm oil plantations are used to grow palm fruit. Palm fruit is used to produce palm oil and palm kernel oil for cooking, palm oil is also used in soaps, detergents and cosmetics.

Palm oil plantations need to be managed by supervisors, assistant managers, supervisors, manual laborers.

Plantations are highly profitable when managed well.

1. Before investing in a palm plantation, a plan for planting and harvesting needs to be established. Oil palm takes 3 to 4 years from first planting to harvest. The vast majority of seedlings need to grow in a nursery for their first 18 months before being planted in soil. Oil palm has a high oil yield per acre. Once palm oil plantations are established, they can continue to produce palm fruit annually for five years before production declines.

2. Barn owl rodents at night
Maintain a sustainable mouse barn owl control. Mice and weeds are problematic in the palm oil plantation industry. Control with vinegar to reduce the use of chemical herbicides.

3. Plant leguminous trees to prevent soil erosion and provide cover. Mesquite trees require little to no fertilization. They enrich the soil with the nitrogen they produce. Planting trees can also be used to combat necessary deforestation for palm oil production.

4. Fertilize oil palm with cow dung.

5. Harvest palm fruit before fruit drop. Overripe palm fruit is also not suitable for production, and the overripe fruit bunches will fall to the ground.

6. Burning palm fruit peel and palm kernel shell as biomass fuel. If your plantation is serving your own plants, burn the husks and husks to generate electricity for the plants. This will also reduce energy costs.

Well-managed palm oil plantations will bring relatively large returns to investors. There are now more and more European-style projects investing in palm oil plantations in Africa. Malaysians have brought palm oil plantation technology to Africa.

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