How to maintain palm oil processing machines in winter?

palm oil processing machines

How to maintain palm oil processing machines in winter?

Palm oil machines need maintenance in winter, which affects the daily use and lifespan of palm oil processing machinery. It is necessary to do maintenance work on palm oil machines. The temperature will gradually decrease in winter, and the long-term cold weather will affect the use of palm equipment to reduce their workload, and even need to suspend the use of equipment when the temperature is too low. A good palm oil processing machinery manufacturer in China tells you how to maintain palm oil equipment in winter.

First of all, the residual material inside the palm oil equipment should be fully cleaned. Secondly, the machines and palm oil mill supply system equipment we must need water to clean after running for a day. Then, the equipment required for the operation of palm oil inside the equipment after winter processing should be checked for other residues, in order to avoid damage to water pumps and pipelines at low temperatures. Finally, the palm oil machine must turn the machine twice a week in winter, and the time required for each start is half an hour. This can prevent frostbite caused by the palm oil machine not being used for a long time in winter.

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