How to get palm oil from fresh palm fruit bunches?

palm oil

The palm oil production line is different from the production of other oilseeds.

It mainly includes 9 parts:

1. Palm oil raw material storage section: Fresh palm fruit bunches must first be measured and recorded for weight before being transported to the factory, and then the fruit is unloaded to the slope and stored.

2. Sterilization part: fresh palm fruit bunches are sealed and sterilized in a sterilization tank. The purpose is to prevent enzymatic decomposition, avoid the further increase of the free fatty acid content of the oil, and easily peel the fruit; pretreatment before peeling, and prepare for subsequent processing

3. Fruit threshing part: The purpose of threshing is to separate the oil palm fruit from the fruit bunch through strong vibration.

4. The part of palm oil pressing: Before pressing, the oil palm fruit is first cooked, and the palm fruit must be heated until the pulp is soft so as to destroy the pulp cell structure. Then enter the continuous screw oil press.

5. Palm oil clarification part: first the crude oil is diluted with water, the fibers are removed from the oil by settling and filtering, and then proceed to continuous processing.

6. The finished crude palm oil is stored in storage tanks.

7. Fiber separation part: the filter cake is broken by the screw conveyor and then transported to the fiber separation air net and fiber polishing roller for further fiber separation.

8. Kernel recovery part: After separation, the shell is temporarily stored and transported to the warehouse for storage, and used as fuel for the oil boiler room if necessary; the dry kernel is transported to the kernel storage warehouse for storage.

9. Sewage treatment part: Sewage tank treatment system is a commonly used and effective treatment method.

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