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crude palm oil

How to get palm oil?

People can obtain crude palm oil (CPO) and palm meal (PE) from palm pulp through the process of boiling, crushing, and pressing; at the same time, during the crushing process, the fruit of the palm (ie, palm kernel) is separated. After crushing and removing the husk, the remaining kernels are pressed to obtain Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) and Palm Kernel Meal (PKE).

Oil palm fruit contains two different oils, palm oil is obtained from the pulp; palm kernel oil is obtained from palm seeds (kernels), the former of which is more important. All of the above products are effectively used in food, chemical, agricultural and other fields. It can be said that palm is a good economical plant.

Palm oil is rich in carotene (0.05%-0.2%), which is a deep orange-red color. This pigment cannot be effectively removed by alkali refining, and the oil color can be decolorized to a general light yellow through oxidation. Under the action of sunlight and air, palm oil will gradually decolorize.

Palm oil is slightly sweet with a pleasant violet aroma. It is semi-solid at room temperature, and its consistency and melting point depend to a large extent on the content of free fatty acids. In the international market, palm oil with lower free fatty acid content is called soft oil, and palm oil with higher free fatty acid content is called hard oil.

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