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Why sterilize palm fruit bunches

How to get palm fruit out of bunches? Fresh palm fruit bunches consist of fruit embedded in spikelets on the main stem. Manual threshing is accomplished by cutting the fruit-bearing spikelets from the bunch stems with an ax or machete, then separating the fruit from the spikelets by hand. Children and elderly people in the village engage in this activity in the factory area, earning income as temporary workers.

In mechanized systems, a rotating drum or stationary drum equipped with rotating beater bars separates the palm fruit from the bunch, leaving the spikelets on the stem.

Most small processors do not have the capability to generate steam for sterilization. Therefore, threshed fruit is cooked in water. Whole bunches, including the spikelets, will absorb a lot of moisture during cooking. High pressure steam heats the beam more efficiently without losing too much water. Therefore, most small-scale operations thresh the fruit before it is cooked, while autoclaving systems thresh after heat to loosen the fruit.

Small-scale operators use bunch waste (empty bunch) as cooking fuel. In the larger mills, a pile of waste is incinerated, and the ashes, a rich source of potassium, are returned to the plantations as fertilizer. How to get palm fruit out of bunches?

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