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Palm oil

How to get high quality palm oil?

After the palm oil is extracted in the primary stage, the crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil are sent to the refinery for refining. After removing free fatty acids, natural pigments, and odors, they become salad-grade oils-refined palm oil (RBD PO) and palm oil. Oil Salad Oil (RBD PKO).

Refined palm oil is nearly colorless and transparent in liquid state, and nearly white in solid state. In addition, according to the needs of different users, palm oil can be further fractionated and processed to form palm oleic acid (PFAD), palm olein (OLEAN), and palm stearin (STEARINE or ST).

Oil palm fruit contains more lipolytic enzymes, so the harvested fruit must be processed or sterilized in time. Palm crude oil is easily hydrolyzed to generate more free fatty acids, and the acid value increases rapidly, so it must be refined in time. or split.

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