How to deal with empty fruit bunches in palm processing?

Palm Fruit Bunches

How to deal with empty fruit bunches in palm processing?

Oil palm is planted in tropical and subtropical regions, and its palm fruit is used as raw material for processing palm oil. A large number of empty fruit bunches are produced in the process of palm oil processing, and this waste is easy to pollute the environment and cause a lot of waste of resources.

The shredder is specially used to process empty fruit bunches and tear them into fibers. The extruder squeezes the fiber material strongly, removes water, and recovers residual oil, with a recovery rate of 5%, which increases a lot of profits for oil refining and processing plants. The treated fiber is used as fuel to generate electricity and converted into a cheap green energy; it can also be used as pulp raw material, or as fermented organic fertilizer.

Among them, shredders and extruders are ideal equipment for the processing of by-products in palm oil mills, which can realize the value-added utilization of palm waste and protect the environment. This product has been widely used in Southeast Asia and South America, and has a large market demand.

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