How to better handle palm fruit before oil extraction

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BTMA is a leading supplier to the palm oil industry. We work with plant owners, plant managers and consultants around the world to better understand their needs. This allows us to continuously innovate new ideas and solutions to meet the changing needs of complex industries. How to better handle palm fruit

For harvesting, transporting and handling fruit bunches, there are various solutions that can lead to damage to palm fruit. One answer is to process the fruit as early as possible after harvest, such as within 48 hours. However, the BTMA believes that it is best to allow the fruit to ferment for a few days before processing. Connoisseurs of premium edible palm oil know that increased FFA only adds to the “flavor” of the oil.

How to better handle palm fruit

In the worst case, oils with a high FFA content have a good laxative effect. For those who consume crude oil directly, free fatty acid content is not a quality issue, but for refiners they have problems with neutralizing palm oil with high FFA content.

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