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Comment le fruit du palmier est-il digéré ? La digestion est le processus de libération de l'huile de palme du fruit par la rupture ou la dégradation

How palm fruit is digested? Digestion is the process of releasing palm oil from the fruit through the rupture or breakdown of oil-containing cells. A commonly used digester consists of a steam-heated cylindrical vessel equipped with a central rotating shaft with multiple stirrer (stirring) arms. Through the action of rotating the stirring arm, the fruit is mashed.

Mashing or digesting the palm fruit at high temperatures helps reduce the viscosity of the oil, destroys the outer shell (exocarp) of the palm fruit, and completes the destruction of the oil cells that has already begun during the sterilization phase. How palm fruit is digested? Unfortunately, for cost and maintenance reasons, most small digesters do not have insulation and steam injection to help keep their contents hot during this operation.

Iron contamination is greatest during digestion when the highest metal wear rates are encountered during grinding. Iron contamination increases the risk of oil oxidation and the occurrence of oil rancidity.

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