How much does a set of palm oil production line equipment cost?

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Many customers want to know the price of palm oil production line. The price of a set of palm oil production line equipment is controlled by a variety of factors, such as the size of the equipment processing capacity, equipment configuration, equipment suppliers and other factors have a direct impact. BTMA can provide you with a rough range for reference only, 1-5T/H complete palm production line equipment price is between $20,000-$100,000, the specific price according to different demand naturally vary.

1. Equipment processing capacity

The scale and processing capacity of palm oil processing plant determine the processing capacity and parameters of palm oil processing equipment to be purchased.

The larger the processing capacity of the processing plant, the larger the parameter of equipment processing capacity, the higher the working efficiency, the higher the price of the equipment naturally.

2. Device configuration level

The level of equipment configuration depends not only on the size of processing capacity, but also on the quality and output of refined oil products. BTMA can provide you with high and low capacity production solutions when the capacity is determined. There is no doubt that the high configuration of the production line, high automation, high production efficiency, good quality oil products, the price of course will be high.

3. Equipment suppliers

Different equipment suppliers will set different equipment prices. BTMA reminds you that the choice of equipment suppliers should be bright eyes, choose the source factory, factory direct sales, no middleman price difference. And the source palm oil processing plant has its own factory and technical team, can give you preferential equipment quotation, and the quality of the equipment is guaranteed, pre-sale and after-sales service in place, cost-effective.

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