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Palm oil

How is palm oil stored?

Palm oil is an important part of the world oil and fat market, and it accounts for more than 30% of the world’s total oil production. Oil palm is a crop that blooms and bears fruit all year round. Commercial production of oil palm can last for 25 years! Let’s take a look at how palm oil is preserved.

1. Low temperature storage

First of all, the temperature for storing palm oil should not be too high, it is best to store palm oil at low temperature, especially in summer, do not put palm oil in a kitchen with a higher temperature, and keep away from high-temperature electrical appliances to avoid accelerating the deterioration of palm oil.

2. Avoid light

Secondly, when storing palm oil, you should avoid sunlight. If palm oil is exposed to the sun, it will cause the palm oil to be oxidized and form components that are harmful to human health.

3. Storage container

In addition, the container for storing palm oil should also meet the national food safety and hygiene standards. The container should also be dry and airtight. After each use of palm oil, the lid of the container should be closed.

4. Anti-moisture

In addition, the place where palm oil is stored should be dry and ventilated. If the environment is relatively humid, it will accelerate the rancidity of palm oil, and it will easily lead to the deterioration of palm oil.

5. Sealed storage

If you buy too much palm oil at one time, you should keep the palm oil sealed and reduce the number of times you open the lid of the palm oil container to prevent oxygen from entering the palm oil and causing the palm oil to oxidize.

6. Vitamin E

If you buy too much palm oil, you can put a few grains of vitamin E into the palm oil, which can improve the antioxidant capacity of the palm oil and avoid the oxidation reaction of the palm oil.

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