How do palm oil factories produce palm oil?

General Handling of Palm Oil Processing

Palm oil is the most demanded cooking oil in the world, but the production process of palm oil varies around the world due to raw materials, budget and cooking oil requirements. The extraction process of palm oil generally includes sterilization, threshing, digestion, pressing and filtration. The following is a brief introduction to how the palm oil mill works and produces palm oil.

The first step is to put the fresh fruit bunches into the fruit cage, and put the fruit cage into the sterilization tank with a hanging crane for sterilization. The conveyor belt transports the fresh fruit bunches directly to the retort, so fruit cages are not required. This method is more automated. The role of palm fruit sterilization is to increase the humidity of the fruit, destroy the activity of lipolytic enzymes, and slow down rancidity, thereby preventing the increase of free fatty acid (FFA) content.

In the second step, the sterilized palm fruit bunches are threshed in a drum thresher, and the fruit is dropped by physical collision. The obtained palm fruit is conveyed to the digestion tank by screw conveyor and bucket elevator. Digesting fruit is for better oil extraction. Some of the oil produced during the digestion process will be sent to temporary storage tanks. The digested palm fruit is then pressed in a palm oil press. After processing, you get crude palm oil and a blend of fibers and nuts.

The final step is to filter the crude palm oil in a palm oil extraction plant. The vibrating screen filters large fibers, the clarifier filters heavy impurities and sediment, and the plate filter filters fine fibers and absorbs water. The vacuum drying system realizes the separation of oil and water, and draining the water is beneficial to crude oil storage. In addition, the vibrating screen is double-layered. The clarifier has a built-in heating coil, which can increase the fluidity of the oil due to the low melting point of crude palm oil. In order to better clean the oil stains, the vacuum drying system is carried out under vacuum and high temperature.

The greater the processing capacity, the more equipment is needed to ensure production efficiency and automation. The production process of palm oil is not difficult, and each piece of equipment plays an important role.

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