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Clarification et séchage de l'huile de palme

How Batch Palm Oil Press Works

In batch operations, the material is placed in a heavy metal “cage” and a metal plunger is used to compress the material. The main differences in the design of batch palm oil presses are as follows:

a) the method used to move the plunger and apply the pressure;

b) the amount of pressure in the palm oil press;

c) the size of the cage.

The plunger can be moved manually or by motor. The maneuvering method is faster but more expensive.

How Batch Palm Oil Press Works

Different designs use threads (spindle palm oil press) or hydraulics (hydraulic press) to move the plunger. Higher pressures may be obtained with hydraulic systems, but care should be taken to ensure that toxic hydraulic fluids do not come into contact with oil or raw materials. Hydraulic fluid absorbs moisture from the air and loses its effectiveness, and the plunger wears out and requires frequent replacement.

Spindle press threads are made of hard steel and held in place by softer steel nuts, so nuts wear out faster than screws. These are easier and cheaper to replace than screws.

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