BTMA-How about the market trends of palm oil processing industry nowadays?

The palm trees are mainly grown in tropical areas, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Colombia, Nigeria, etc. But palm oil is much more popular than you might expect. In recent years, palm oil expeller has quickly gained momentum and its popularity is now recognized worldwide. The market trend of today’s palm oil processing industry is gradually improving, so the palm oil processing industry is worth investing in. Many people want to open a small scale palm oil mill, but they don’t know somethings about palm oil mill. Today, Benteng Machinery will introduce the palm oil wide applications and our service.

Wide Applications of Palm Oil in the palm oil processing industry.

1.Used as a shortening in the manufacturing of kitchen products such as creamers, ice cream, margarines and butter, palm oil has successfully created a niche for its own.
2.Even non-food purposes of palm oil have become more and more popular, with big multinationals manufacturing soaps and detergents with this essential material.
3.Needless to say, the palm oil production industry has created room for many more producers. The entire world has quickly accepted palm oil as a kitchen aid, household material, and even industrial component.

All facts show that the palm oil processing plant is now a project with great potential to invest in. And of all manufacturing industries, palm oil has the most promise and potential. Benteng Machinery is professional palm oil press machine manufactuer, we can provide the best quality small scale palm oil processing machine and the most considerate service.

Before-sale service: Palm oil market analysis, palm oil production cost analysis etc.
On-sale service: Palm oil extraction process design, palm oil extraction machine price, palm oil making equipment configuration, factory building etc.
After-sale service: Machinery installation and debugging, operation training etc.

You are welcome to get in touch with us and tell us your requirement on palm oil mill.



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