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Fonctions de l'huile de palme

Functions of palm oil–Palm oil is semi-solid at room temperature, and its consistency and melting point depend to a large extent on the content of free fatty acids. It contains more saturated fatty acids, has better stability, is not prone to oxidative deterioration, and has a high smoke point, so it is used as oil. Fried food is fine.

Palm oil can be fractionated to separate solid fat from liquid fat. Among them, solid fat can be used to replace expensive cocoa butter as margarine and shortening; liquid fat can be used as salad or cooking oil, and its taste is light and refreshing. Large quantities of unfractionated palm tung oil are used in the soap industry. Soaps produced with palm oil have durable lather and strong detergency.

Fresh palm kernel oil is creamy white or slightly yellow in color, with a solid-like consistency and a pleasant pith aroma. Palm kernel oil is easily oxidized and decomposed during storage, and the smell becomes spicy.

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