BTMA- Is It Necessary to Refine the Crude Palm Kernel Oil?

Palm oil is one kind of vegetable oil, derived from palm fruits which bear fruits rich in oil. Just like other seed oils, the crude palm kernel oil (PKO) produced from the palm kernel oil production line also needs a refinery to increase the oil quality.

As one professional manufacturer and supplier of palm kernel oil pressing and refining equipment, BTMA Machinery has provided factory price PKO processing and refining machine projects with low cost, and the product has been exported to Nigeria, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia etc.

If you want to maximize your profits from processing PKO and increase the shelf-life of your product, then it is necessary to do the palm kernel oil refinery.Just imagine what will happen when you put the crude oil of palm kernel on the shelf’? lt oxidizes. This oxidation is an important issue because it affects the quality of your product and its shelf-life, even worse, it affects your palm kernel oil production business profit.

Palm kernel oil is a very complex product that can be classified into different quality levels according to its physical properties. For making use of the palm kernel oil better in more industries, the more refined it becomes, the better its characteristics will be. The freshly produced crude palm kernel oil is one creamy or slightly yellow in color, has a solid-like consistency, meanwhile, having impurities. Thus, the refining process can easily remove the impurities (such as waxes) that can negatively affect the product quality. The crude palm kernel oil physical properties (color. consistency. odor and viscosity) will not change after it has been refined because refining removes impurities without changing its composition.



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