BTMA-How to reasonable layout a palm oil mill plant?

As the hottest oil milling industry, palm oil production business has gotten great attention around the world, especially in Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Palm oil production processes are completed in the local palm oil processing machine. Therefore, the layout design of palm oil processing plant is very important to increase the oil production capacity and lower the operational cost. The requirements for palm oil mill plant designing includes the follows points.

1. Meet the Requirements of Palm Oil Production Process
The designing of palm oil mill plant should fully take the features of palm oil production into consideration, including the palm oil production process, raw materials and final products transportation tools and methods, etc.

2. Select the Factory Structure Reasonably
It is also important to choose the appropriate structure system according to the production process requirements, materials and construction conditions so as to save the investment cost and shorten construction period.

3. Ensure Good Operation Environment
The standard palm oil milling machine should have good lighting, ventilation and landscaping, etc. And, it also has good control of the noise, temperature, humidity and other conditions.

4. Arrange Spaces Scientifically
Great spaces and room arrangements can maintain good sanitary conditions.

BTMA Machinery has been specialized in designing and manufacturing vegetable oil processing equipment for years. The palm oil processing machine we supplied feature high quality, high oil output and relatively cheap price, which makes it popular in many countries. We is good at the design for small palm oil processing plant, We have professional team, experienced engineers to ensure the productivity of every palm oil mill plant.



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