BTMA 500KGPH-5TPH Small Palm Oil Production Line Hot Sale

The 500KGPH-5TPH small palm oil production line researched and developed by HENAN BENTENG MACHINE CO.,LTD is specially designed for small palm oil mills. Its technology is similar to that used by large palm oil mills, but at a lower cost, and is popular with African customers. At present, BTMA Machinery’s small-scale palm oil production line has established many projects in Africa, specifically serving small-scale palm farmers.

Main equipment of BTMA 500KGPH-5TPH small palm production line:

palm oil plant

Workflow of BTMA 500KGPH-5TPH Palm Production Line:

FFB (Palm Fruit Bunch)–sterilization–threshing–digestion–pressing–clarification–filtering–drying–crude palm oil

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