How do palm oil factories produce palm oil?

General Handling of Palm Oil Processing

Palm oil is the most demanded cooking oil in the world, but the production process of palm oil varies around the world due to raw materials, budget and cooking oil requirements. The extraction process of palm oil generally includes sterilization, threshing, digestion, pressing and filtration. The following is a brief introduction to how the palm […]

How to set up a palm oil processing plant

Palm oil processing machine

Palm oil is one of the most in-demand edible oils in the world, with huge profits. Large areas of palm trees are planted in Africa and Southeast Asia, and investors are increasingly inclined to set up palm oil processing enterprises. So how to set up a palm oil processing plant? Preliminary preparations include conducting local […]

What equipment do palm oil production lines need?

palm oil mill

Palm oil is a tropical woody vegetable oil. It is the vegetable oil variety with the largest production, consumption and international trade volume in the world. It is also called “the world’s three major vegetable oils” together with soybean oil and rapeseed oil. It has more than 5,000 years of experience. food history. So how […]

palm oil refining

Palm oil refining

The refining treatment of palm oil can be divided into physical refining and chemical refining. The main difference between the two processes is the separation method of free fatty acids. The deacidification process of physical refining is carried out simultaneously with the deodorization process. The deacidification process of chemical refining is usually It is placed […]

How to invest in the construction of palm oil processing plants?

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Palm oil is edible oil extracted from the fruit of oil palm. Oil palm is one of the four major woody oil plants. The oil content of the pulp is as high as 56% to 70%. The fatty acid composition of the extracted palm oil is mainly palmitic acid and oil Acid, together with soybean […]

Factors Affecting Palm Oil Fractionation

crude palm oil

The palm oil fractionation process strives to obtain lipid crystals with high stability and good filtration performance. Since crystallization occurs in the eutectic system of solid fat and liquid oil, the complexity of components and operating conditions directly affect the fractionation of palm oil. 1. Oil products and their quality Different types of oils and […]

Palm Fruit Oil Extraction Solutions — BTMA NEWS

General Handling of Palm Oil Processing

BTMA has modern automated production equipment, providing customers with a complete set of palm oil equipment solutions, focusing on the pursuit of rigorous craftsmanship and delivery to customers, and providing customers with good after-sales service. Palm fruit oil extraction process Fresh palm fruit (FFB)→fermentation→fruit removal→conditioning (mashing)→pressing→crude oil purification→crude palm oil (CPO) ↓ Fiber and kernel […]

Fresh palm fruit bunch receiving station

Palm Fruit Bunches

Fresh palm fruit bunches from the orchard are usually put into wooden boxes suitable for weighing so that the number of bunches arriving at the processing site can be checked. Large equipment uses scales to weigh trucks. Bunch quality standards depend on the quality of the initial arrival at the receiving station. Bunch abrasions are […]

Palm Fruit Harvesting Technology and Treatment Effect

Why sterilize palm fruit bunches

In the early stage of fruit formation, the oil content of the fruit is very low. As the fruit approaches maturity, oil formation increases rapidly to around 50% of the palm fruit weight. In a fresh ripe, unbruised palm fruit, the oil contains less than 0.3% free fatty acids (FFA). However, in ripe fruit the […]

General Handling of Palm Oil Processing — BTMA MACHINES

Palm oil processing machine

Research and development efforts in many disciplines, including biochemistry, chemical and mechanical engineering, and the establishment of plantations have opened up opportunities for fully mechanized processing on a large scale, leading to the evolution of a series of processing steps aimed at harvesting fresh palm fruit bunches from Extract high-yield, high-quality products from the oil […]