BTMA-It will have Bright Future for the Palm Oil Processing Industry in Nigeria?

Technology and energy has been the main focus of the world’s development today. Therefore, those who have invested in agriculture now have made good profits and their earnings still keep increasing. Although agriculture business bring great profits for many entrepreneurs, few of them dare to venture into one segment – that is palm oil processing […]

BTMA-How about the market trends of palm oil processing industry nowadays?

The palm trees are mainly grown in tropical areas, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Colombia, Nigeria, etc. But palm oil is much more popular than you might expect. In recent years, palm oil expeller has quickly gained momentum and its popularity is now recognized worldwide. The market trend of today’s palm oil processing industry is gradually […]

BTMA-What is palm oil processing plant cost?

If you are planning for starting a palm oil mill plant. You will very concerned about palm oil processing plant cost. The palm oil processing plant cost range generally include equipment costs, raw material costs, labour costs and factory operation costs, and the biggest impact on equipment costs is the output. The four most important […]

BTMA-Starting your business plan in palm oil producing countries.

For starting a palm oil production business, the most important thing is to have enough palm fruits and high quality palm oil processing equipment. In these top palm oil producing countries, there is obviously no need to worry about raw materials. So with raw materials, the next step is to choose reliable palm oil processing […]

BTMA-Opening a palm oil production plant as your business plan.

It is a lucrative project to start small scale palm oil mill processing business due to the increasing demand across the world. However, it is not easy to open a palm oil production plant to enter into the palm oil processing mill industry. You need to consider about below questions at first. 1.How is the […]